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Woman Gives Bishop Eddie Long Huge Wad Of Cash During Sermon [Video]


Woman Hands Eddie Long Wad Of Cash


A video began circulating the web today of  a New Birth Missionary Baptist church member interrupting Bishop Eddie Long during one of his sermons and handing him a huge wad of cash.

After handing over the cash, the unidentified woman then hugs the embattled Pastor and walks back to her seat while the crowd cheers.

As previously reported, Bishop Long settled for an undisclosed amount with four young men that accused him of sexual coercion and a new report claims that he paid them $24.8 million.

Check out the Bishop below.

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  • blkppl

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  • Jennifer

    Whats sad is that people actually think their gonna get blessed for giving him this money!

  • Pretty Girl

    That was so phony. First of all no one is allowed to approach a minister like that. That is the purpose of their body guards and second of all he did not seem too surprise. And these people still have the nerve to support him. I guess next they will be offering their sons, grandsons, and nephews and bringing them to the altar along with their money.

  • nun.hyer

    im not buying that. i believe that was as fake as that faux fur on top of his head.

  • Royal Chocolate

    This man needs to go somewhere and sit down. Don’t forget, Eddie, you reap what you sow.


    Definitely a hustle, and those stupid idiots fell for that crap. A church full of devils and deceivers.

  • Reggie

    It funny to me that we we can judge people. We all make mistake in life. And yes we all have sinned. There no perfect people but one I know and that JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF. Now what we should be doing instead of comment on the BISHOP Eddie Long and the 4 guys that was involved in scadal we need to pray for all of them.. LONG is a man he is not GOD so he will sin. People want give praises to the pastor instead of GOD.

    • Bopa

      @ Reggie

      What’s funny to me is people who don’t expect more from people who are in positions to influence others. Bishops, Ministers, Pastors whatever you’d like to call them are held to a higher standard. They’re not held to the same standard as God because that’s impossible for them so that’s not a valid example. If they can’t conduct themselves in a manner fitting of someone held to a higher standard then they need to step down or step back until they can get the counseling or guidance they need to be able to go back into that position.

      I ask you this one question though. Would a man who is a known womanizer who openly cheats on his wife make a good Pastor? Would a church hire this person?? If you wouldn’t accept them into the position doing that why would you keep them in it??

      Also may I add that Long hasn’t publicly admitted to his “mistake” so how can anyone pray that he get help for something that even he’s not willing to admit to??

  • That was staged. He has guards to protect him so for her to be able to get that close to him was unbelieveable. Dang, he went old school with that one. I thought that trick went out the window along with the old man in the wheelchair claiming he can’t walk until a Bishop lay hands on him…smh

  • Tonto Kawalski


  • wilma mclean

    it was staged on her part and his. if you are going to give then give in private not make a show of it.

  • Holy Water in Sage (with Gullah seagrass braids)

    Daz dat Magic City loot.

  • Tasha

    OMG!!! Monkey see, Monkey do!!

  • As long as there are ZOMBIES in the churches (like this one) then you will always have Eddie Longs in the pulpits! Follow her home…..what is she selling or what is she on? Did Jim Jones give him the secret ingredient in that “KooL Aid”??

  • Vera

    If he were trully a man of God, he would not have accepted that money from the woman. I am not being mean, cruel or anything, but the woman did not look as though she could have accumulated that large stack of cash (the quality of her clothing, lack of fashion sense, bad weave). Perhaps the stack was padded with paper to only give the appearance of a large sum. Also, it seemed staged, as everything in this church is.

    Notice his comments after receiving the cash. He was manipulating others to do the same. This man is only about the money and the people in the congregation have left their brains in the church parking lot. For Shame!!!

  • James Robinson

    Bishop Don Juan would be proud. not a good look preachaman. C.R.E.A.M.

  • jjyra

    I think we should pray for all of them because we all are trying to make it in. Everyone sittin their hios n the church has sinned. And we wanna come down ard on the Bishop because he’s a public figure! Look n your own back yards I’m sure you STILL need prayer for something!

  • jjyra

    Be careful how u put your lips on people. What u sew you will also reap! Stop allowint the enemy to win with YOU. Turn it around and pray for Him. I’m sure someone prayed for you! So try not judging so hard. And helping the situation and your faith by praying and not pointing.

  • Will Not Burton

    Anyone, even Stevie Wonder can see that this “stunt” was another one of Eddie Long’s “Staged Productions”. He put on his “fake” surprised face. We have seen that many times. Then she gives him a very “gingerly” embrace and returns to her seat.

    Who carries a stack of bills (probably one dollar bills) like that around?

    Eddie is in to “show business”!! This is designed to influence the “Spiritually UNWISE” that continue to come to support a “LIE”!

  • Yo

    Mat 24:11 And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.

    Mat 24:24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

    Mark 13:22 For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall show signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect.

  • sallyone

    u know this is why they say black folk is stupid…stupid for taking on this religion…, stupid for giving all our money to it and stupid for believing in false prophets!!!!!!

  • Vera

    Does anyone have knowledge that Long has prayed to God asking for forgiveness? I have not witnessed anything in his behavior or his words throughout this ordeal in which he has shown any humility. What I do see is arrogance, further appeals for cash, and pleas to his congregation to dig deeper into their pockets for seed money for the additional churches he is starting in various states. What I see and hear are continuous appeals for money. Even the little stage-show with the woman giving him a stack of cash is a visual testament to what he desires and a side-show attempt to manipulate people to follow up in the same fashion. What will he do with the money? Give it back to the church? Where in the account book will anyone find documentation that this money was received?

    What thoughtful questions has the congregation failed to ask about the well-being of the young men who accused him of exploitation? Who has prayed for them? Who will pay the settlement? Which members of the congregation need financial assistance and have gone without notice of that in this church? Who is Eddie Long that the people worship HIM instead of the living God? Who has been swindled in the “investment” scheme in which church folk are investing in GAMBLING machines and lost their money? How has Long shifted responsibility for this fraud on someone other than himself? How much money was saved by firing church employees and cutting back the work week? How do we know that Long has actually cut back on his own salary? Do we just believe he has because he says he has?

    I’ve got news for all of you sheep. He will continue to fleece you all because you are willing participants in his greed plan and continue to give him confidence to go forward by giving in to his selfish demands. How have you benefited spiritually from the tithes and love offerings you have willing given or provided out of fear of retribution of some sort? God demands that we become good stewards of all of our possessions and not render them to those who represent evil. Woe to you worshippers of a false god!

    • Nellie

      At Vera, WELL, WELL said!!! Thank you so much for this comment and thank you for your writing abilities and good grammer!

  • Etan

    Seriously???!!!! This is hilarious!!!!

  • GG

    I am a member of NewBirth, I was visiting a local church around the corner from me. Therefore, I was not at church on the sunday the young woman gave the cash. I do want to say that it is totally unfair for people to judge the members and many, many, many members who have left. We do not WORSHIP Eddie Long, I repeat, we do not WORSHIP Eddie Long. Please it is not the congregation that was on trial and accused. I have not left the church because sometimes- we as a people need to stop running and PRAY for everybody involved- if you trust God, then trust Him all the way. I have a personal relationship with Christ. I am 41yrs old. I have lived in 2 states and have seen scandal in churches before!! big and small. Just because a church is a mega ministry is not a sin. Most churches aren’t even close to this size. Mega churches are not the norm. They are not for everyone. I personally found enjoyment there because the word was confirming in my life and a host of ministries and counseling. I paid my tithes and offering – God will bless me, no matter what someone does with the money. When I tithe and give, I am being a cheerful giver, not thinking negative. Many members have gotten their mortgages, food and utilities paid by the church. The church has outreach locally and internationally.
    Yes, this a major scandal to me, and I have questions and concerns, it is major and very serious to all the members still there- us that are there -ARE SUPPORTING THE MINISTRY. That is still a church with members who are in pain, need healing from drugs, violence, sickness, etc..

    It is unfair to judge members and think people are stupid just for going to a mega church. There are people there from diverse walks of life- that are real God fearing, intelligent people that can make a decision for themselves to stay or leave. Some have stayed and many have left. Why as blacks we are so QUICK to put people down without knowing the facts. Just because you read something online doesn’t make it factual. I am in NO WAY taking up for Eddie Long- I don’ t have to. He is a grown many that can fight his own battles. I have learned in life to be neutral. He either did it or didn’t- God knows and that is between Him and the Lord. I know my duty is to pray for the remaining members, myself, the accusers, the family, staff. I will know when it is time for me to leave. However, now is not the time for. If I ran everytime scandal broke out- I might as well stay home!!! Everyone has an opinion. The word says to restore people. What about restoration. We will all need that someday. There may very well be a few people there that worship Eddie Long- and it that case I am praying for them too. Peace to everyone. Let’s love and live.

  • angel

    to GG out of all the comments I have read yours was the fairest. thank you and you remain until God tell you something different. You know who you are serving.

  • Dee

    WoW.. People still going to his church believing their getting blessed to give him money. that’s ashame, will pray for these people. He wasn’t just cheating on his wife he’s manipulating boys to sleep with him, he’s a hypocrite too.

  • queen

    there is really 3 sides to every story…his side,there side and the official truth.

  • kenneth robinson

    Sadly we still submit to the slavery influenced version of Christianity whereby the holyman is never questioned regarding indiscretion.The problem is within us.At any given time there are Doctors Attorneys and other so-called critical thinkers in that church audience. So how about this? we take a good look at everything that was introduced to us during our enslavement and if it doesn’t benefit our collective growth as a people we get rid of it.

  • kenneth robinson

    I think a soldier is missing his helmet in Afghanistan beacause the Bishop is wearing it on his head!

  • kenneth robinson

    My question is this,when will the good Bishop be hosting a “PLAYERS BALL” and who will be providing the entertaiment? My guess is R-Kelly. Does anyone know? Additionally I’m told a personalized (Don Juan) Chalice will be provided for all men in attendance.

  • ThaReal Boss

    Don’t get mad at Bishop Eddie Long.Get mad at yourselves.Christianity is the religion of the oppressors who taught slaves and ancestors of slaves how to worship a man instead of God(Allah).We have been in America all these years and we ain’t got it no better yet.The only thing that makes us true Americans is the immoral and filth that we have learned.Black people of America needs to pray directly to Allah.Stop with all the gossip and just garbage that don’t even matter.No way do you aquire the religion of the murderer,raper and spirit breaker of the oppressor.I am not with the Nation of Islam(All they teach is hatred and delusions).I am talking about kind and peaceful relationship with the God of all the worlds.Allah.