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Mario Van Peebles Speaks On Cat Daddy 2.0, His Upcoming Film "We The Party," And Working With His Legendary Father [Video] [Part 2]



In part 2 of our exclusive with Mario Van Peebles, the legendary director speaks on a variety of topics including Cat Daddy 2.0, the upcoming film “We The Party,” and working with young black Hollywood.

Speaking on The Rej3ctz, known for their Internet smash single and dance “Cat Daddy,” Peebles said he was very staggered by the amount of energy and talent that the trio possessed in his audition.

“The Rej3ctz came in and they kind of reminded me of what Parliament Funkadelic was to R&B, the Rejectz are to Hip-Hop. Funky and freaky!”

Peebles also continued to speak on his upcoming movie “We The Party,” which showcases some of Hollywood’s youngest talent in a relative and hip film that Peebles believes is one that a teenager will have fun and learn with at the same time.

“It’s a whole new swag and people are taking it in a different direction.  It’s not a teenage movie where old people are playing teenagers, you see the real kids doing it the way they really talk and act.  It’s also smart, it’s my answer to dumb down media.”

Also, make sure to check out the “We The Party” Facebook page to get more information on the upcoming teenage blockbuster!


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