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Atlanta Pastor Donald Battle Speaks Out Against Eddie Long [Video]


Atlanta Pastor Says Eddie Long’s “Got Problems,” Invites New Birth Members To His Church

A $24.8 million settlement may have put an end to the sexual misconduct case against Bishop Eddie Long, but the aftermath from the scandal is still present.

While Atlanta Pastor Creflo Dollar recently came in defense of Bishop Long, another pastor, Donald Battle of Atlanta’s Divine Faith Ministries, is speaking out against the embattled Long.

In a sermon on Sunday, Pastor Battle said Eddie Long has “problems” and needs to “sit down.”

“We’re gonna pray for that church,” Pastor Battle said of New Birth, before encouraging former members to come to his own church.

Though, Pastor Battle’s words are probably the least of Eddie Long’s troubles.

Rumors claim that Long’s wife Vanessa Long left the pastor following his the settlement with his four accusers.

Long and New Birth has since denied those claims.

A statement from New Birth church read:

“Despite a very public attack against New Birth Church and its leadership, New Birth has chosen not to respond to rumors but remain focused on fulfilling the mission that God has for the ministry.

However, in this new digital world, along with a steep decline in quality reporting, many people can’t discern the difference between legitimate journalists and irresponsible bloggers.

Recently, some blog entries have surfaced claiming to have anonymous sources stating that New Birth First Lady Elder Vanessa Long has left her husband. That claim is completely and absolutely false.

Mrs. Long is very much a loving, dedicated and committed wife and mother.

It is unfortunate that anyone would make such hateful and damaging false claims of this nature.

These cruel and insensitive rumors have the potential to cause immeasurable pain and suffering. Those involved should feel obligated to retract their earlier statements.”

A picture of Eddie Long and his wife Vanessa is below.

Pastor Donald Battle’s sermon speaking against Eddie Long is posted below.

Pastors beefing and dissing each other on Youtube? What is the world coming to?

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  • blkppl

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  • eric500

    Pastor Blake is right 100% right. It’s about time someone down there or nationally has held this man’s feet to the fire, because his parishoners sure are not doing it! Wake up New Birth Church!


    I like this guy, I’m not a Christian or do I believe in Christianity or religion for that matter, but this brotha spoke the truth. It’s good to see that someone out there still possesess morals and values and doesn’t bow down to societies twisted standards and doesn’t fear or align himself with these false prophets out here robbing people blind and leading them to hell instead of salvation.

  • Tonto Kawalski

    His wife is smart. She cant leave the negga knowing that he wont be able to pay alimony because of the lawsuit.

  • Propheticpraiser&worshipper

    Well said, Pastor Battle. While I do not rejoice in the fall of Eddie Long, he needs to repent and have the demons cast out of him. Anyone who has been victimized by long needs deliverance as well. All that hard-earned tithe & offering money used to hide the details of willing, sinful acts. Pastor Dollar revealed himself, to all who can discern, by defending Long and refusing to receive sheep in need of a shepherd. God help them, while there is still time to do so.

  • lynn

    Finally. A godly, balanced view of the whole situation. You are to be commended Pastor Battle for being forthright, and giving those wounded believers a place of refuge. My pastor says that temptations come to men of God all the time, but you have to make “rules for yourself.”