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Man Kills His Newborn With Cinder Block Because He Couldn't Afford The Child


Police: Dead Baby’s Father Planned ‘To Get Rid’ Of Child

The recession is creating drastic circumstances for some folks out here, but Christopher T. Fitzpatrick may have exceeded the most extreme acts as a result of poverty by killing his own child once the baby was born.

“I just want to get rid of it. I gotta do what I gotta do,” he told the mother-to-be Jennifer A. Barrise on May 28th when she went into labor outside of a grocery store in their car.

The car apparently didn’t start and Christopher prompted Jennifer to have the baby so he could get rid of it.

When she inquired twice about his intentions and if he had indeed planned to kill the baby, his response was silence.

According to the affidavit, Ms. Barrise soon gave birth to the baby inside the vehicle and it landed on the floor.

The next day at a family gathering questions arose about the baby and Mr. Fitzpatrick’s 11-year-old sister, who was present at the birth told her parents that the baby was born in the car.

Christopher was pressed by the family and told them he dropped the baby off at a hospital but later confessed to his uncle, Justin Fitzpatrick, that he buried the baby in the woods near where he works.

The baby was found buried under what was believed to be the murder weapon, a cinder block behind Christopher’s place of employment, M n’ D Lawn Care.

Ruth Dipalma, his boss and owner of the business told the Times-Tribune,

“This was not the person we hired. It’s a different person. He was completely clean. His driver’s license was clean. We had no reason not to hire a man with no previous problems.


State police described one possible motive in arrest papers: The couple could not keep the baby because they could not afford to take care of it.

The couple has a 1-year-old boy that was born on a kitchen floor, in fact most of thier five children were born outside of a hospital.

The couple are in the Wayne County Correctional Facility and are being charged with criminal homicide and concealing the death of the infant.

Christopher is also being charged with an abuse-of-corpse charge.

How do you feel about the act committed by the couple and what’s the difference between what they did and abortion?

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  • blkppl


  • Lsn2Cheribims

    MEN, If you don’t want to have children then WRAP IT UP!!!!!!! Stop leaving it up to the girl, stop making excuses, and stop acting like a f&cking child yourselves and let me say this once more. If you don’t want to have children that you will be responsible for WRAP IT THE F#$K UP!!!!!!

  • Jan

    Give me a break, fry his A$$. He has a job, which means he can afford a condom. He obviously needs a pack of them as they have five children. The last line of defense is ALWAYS the woman. You are the one getting pregnant, so deal with it. She should also fry, as their is no way in hell you allow anyone to take your child and kill them.

  • Maddox

    There are thousands of couples who would love and care for the child after adoption. There is no excuse for this savage act. He deserves the fullest extent of justice and she must be separated from children she obviously cannot protect or care for. So sad.

  • Becky

    This is so sick I can’t even process it. imo the mother had chances to get help and shes just as sick

  • They both should have kept their draws on if they knew they couldn’t afford five kids together?!? She already had 5 then he come alone & give her 2 more, they didn’t need to be together they both need TO be set one fire…making babies & killing them because you can’t afford them & yall hot between the legs! Is not an excuse….it would have been best if they would have just left the baby at the store…..I don’t think you can compare this to abortion because the baby was born, buy they are both wrong….

  • kari

    Does that question at the end really say what is the difference between what he did and abortion? That can not be a legitimate question. First of all abortion is legal, murder is not. Let’s just start with that.

    • Elizabeth

      Abortion is legal? Yes sure it is, but it doesn’t make it right. Lets start with they both leave dead babies. One is legal murder, while the other is not. End result DEAD BABIES

  • d.rock

    why didnt they just give it up for adoption and even though i hate to say it abortion is much more civil than this

  • Rosymar

    ADOPTION! Hello?!!!! food stamps, Wic, welfare and the list is endless! There’s no excuse to kill a baby! My friend just lost her baby to Trisomy 18, a lot of women can’t even have babies. UGH these selfish people just make me so sick

  • Jean

    So I have a ?. How does that casy girl get off for the death of her baby. Didnt she abuse a corpes? All should pay the ultimate price for the death of a child in an inhumane capacity.

  • You are an idiot. The libtards run the state.