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Magic Stick: A History Of Ladies Romantically Linked To 50 Cent [PHOTOS]


Who Has 50 Cent Dated?

While 50’s been spotted in Aruba rocking an…uhhh…interesting new do’, the rapper’s been linked to his share of Hollywood starlets.

And while he was most recently seen on the beach with an exotic actress/model, the G-Unit general swears he’s still single and looking for love.
Over the years we’ve seen his taste change from rich heiresses, to talk show hosts and singers.
Check out why we think 50’s still got the juice below…

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  • Dam Shame

    looking at 50 hair, he’s definitely got the juice….juices and berries!

  • lively09

    I’m a fan of 50 cent, and I’ve followed his career since he came to the hip hop scene. I admire how he using the media along with his talent, and it has made him a rich man. Most of these women in my opinion are only there for publicity, nonething more or less. Fifty is still young, so why settle down at the height of your career. He needs a regular girl who likes him, not because of the money and camera’s, but cares for him. His son’s mom was in the perfect position, but she screwed up by listening to people that did not have her best interest at heart. I hope one day before he is fifty he finds true love. Get em 50!

  • !!!!!


  • cocoa49

    He will find his queen one day.

  • xoxo

    She don’t have nothing on Ciara.
    Ciara is Just Beautiful.

  • MzT

    I agree with lively09. I think 50 needs to be with a regular girl, someone that like and love him for him and not because of his money, fame, etc. 50 is a good person and being in his positiion I know it can be hard to know people’s real motives and who is being genuine but 50 is a smart and cautious man. When the right woman comes along he will feel it and know and she will feel it and know too. Everyone deserves to be happy and have real and true long lasting love.

  • MzT

    I’m right here and waiting when he’s ready.

  • msladybabydoll

    fifty is a cancer…they need to be needed..im here when hes ready…lol ps..im a scorpio:)

  • Tmaz

    he had his queen vivica but his insecurity of being used kill that. some may say this one was a opinion for publicity stunts ‘Ciara’ but they were more than just friends he had insecurity fear, relationship trust issues can be the downfall of any relationship lost bigg time there. not saying he’s a bad person the man love’s multi women and that regular girl stuff trust the money will have a effect sooner or later all women love spending money and beautiful things.