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LaToya Jackson Ponders “Who Killed MJ” In Upcoming Memoir


La Toya Questions Michael’s Death In New Book

La Toya Jackson has a new book hitting bookstores next week and in part of it, questions the motives surrounding the death of her famous brother Michael.

In her memoir Starting Over La Toya writes that she confronted Dr. Conrad Murray in the ER shortly after Michael’s death and the medical practitioner only gave her, “evasion and excuses.”

She penned that she found Michael’s bedroom “torn to pieces” following his death and found  notes that signified the pop star wanted his father’s help ridding “these people out of my life” and that he had “only agreed to 10 shows.”

Michael was scheduled to kick off his comeback with a 50 show concert at The O2 Arena in London at the time of his death.

La Toya has been suspicious of ulterior motives to her brother’s death since he over dosed on June 25, 2009.

She writes that she heard from family and friends who were fearful for MJ’s well being during his last days.

Michael’s brother Jermaine has also penned a book scheduled for release in September.

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  • Pat

    This is a big scandal to come! Latoya knows Michael was involved with Beatle catalogue fraud! Michael was suppose to give back copyright to Ono and McCartney. It is UK law and the date was up.
    Beatle catalogue was copyrighted in UK not American copyright law. Michael refused and stalled. You see he hid the inheritance of a John Lennon daughter (lovechild). Latoya does not say the whole truth yet because Michael’s death trial has not begun. Soon it will all come out and the world will be in shock.