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Bishop Paul Morton Says Eddie Long Needs To “Fess Up” [Audio]


Bishop Paul Morton Says Long Needs To Repent

One man of the cloth is coming forth and saying Bishop Eddie Long needs to confess his wrong doings to his congregation and repent his sins to Christ.

In recent sermon Bishop Paul Morton called Bishop Long to task saying Long, owes his congregation an explanation after reportedly settling for $25 million in a sexual misconduct case.

“Show me some humility… Those that have stood with you, tell us something,” said Morton, referring to Long’s silence about the case. “Tell your church something.”

He added, “Some people are going to stay with you, some are going to leave you, but you have to leave that up to God.”

Morton goes on to say Long, who became a Bishop under him, has stopped answering his phone calls. He pleaded with Long to turn to God in repentance for his actions,  “All I’m waiting for Bishop…is for you to repent,” he said.

Check out excerpt from the sermon below:

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  • “Preacher Under Attack or Just Being Exposed: The Eddie Long Scandal,” a must hear podcast.


  • sirwinston19

    There is not telling what lies behind Long and others who have been engaging in situations such as what Long has. We also know he is not the first and won’t be last. People need to see or have seen men after men carry on in this manner and many of them suppose to be christian – called by God to preach and it always turns out; they have been engaging in this type of affaris for longer than we have known. Bishop Morton did the right thing by tell Long to confess. I doubt Long will and when he think’s he has gotten away with not doing so; the life he once know also begun to crumble as well with everything else he has manage to touch and have authorit over. Long can’t tell other what to do; he can no longer preach from the bible the words of God because he is not at all true to his words; afterall, he lied to his congregation time and time agian. I don’t think God want Long speaking his words to no one!

  • david

    how sad to this this type of behavior in the christian world

  • cm

    My take is: Regardless of what Eddie long has done, I dont believe its appropriate for Bishop morton to Preach about him and also reveal that He has not answered his calls.

    As Bishops, they need to deal with this issue on a person to person basis.

    The better thing to do is continue to preach Christ and Christ crucified. Goodness me!!

    My question is: why would a man like Bishop morton use his serman time to talk about eddie long? why does he want him to call him? I believe Bishop morton KNOWS were to find Eddie long. And since he became a bishop under his ministry,

    my take is he has every right to DRIVE EITHER TO eDDIE LONGS HOUSE, or offices ans TALK TO HIM ..IN PERSON, and NOT BEHIND THE PULPIT.
    Man, this needs to stop!!!!!!