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15,000 Dogs Killed For Dog Meat Festival In China


Thousands Of Dogs Slaughtered For Chinese Festival

A food festival in Yulin, China is drawing the ire of many animal rights groups as the main dish at the event will be dog meat taken from the 15,000 pooches who were slaughtered to accommodate the event.

But the people of Yulin, known for making dog meat delicacies, don’t see what the big problem is.

Local Lu Hin explained:

“It is just like other meat. Smaller animals tend to be more delicate and sweeter while very big dogs have a strong, muscular taste.”

The festival started a couple years ago and draws sizable crowds of people who descended upon the city to take part in the event.

The dog meat industry however has come under fire recently with many animal rights groups claiming animal cruelty.

A similar festival held by The Korea Dog Farmers’ Association was canceled last week in South Korea, after a number of animal rights groups petitioned in protest.

“This is making our country an international laughing stock,” Park So-Youn, head of Coexistence of Animal Rights on

Earth told the Associated Press, “and making the whole world mistakenly believe that all South Koreans eat dogs,”

Authorities in the area are proposing a new legislation that would ban the harvesting and consumption of dog meat.


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  • Asia

    Well it is true if your going to jump up and down about them eating dogs then remember that when those same activist are in the mcdonalds drive thru…i could care less all i want to know is if they are cooking it at my local spot and serving it to me as chicken…now thats just wrong!

  • NoReally

    I mean I know in American we think this type of thing is wrong but if I were to say something negative about other cultures doing this then I’d have to put down my bacon, pork chops, and hamburger and I’m just not ready to do that soooo. carry on but my local chinese spot better not be trying to feed that to me.

  • tanisha

    all your comments sound ignorant and stupid as hell. Those same activist wont be in the drive thru #1 and #2 everyone knows there are standard meats. Dogs have been domesticated for centuries and not just in the united states. you have farm raised animals for food consumption and domesticated animals. do you really think these dogs were raised on a farm? no these are stray dogs rounded up. to think its acceptable to eat a dog is insanity and i am not even a dog lover

  • Yup


  • Mellissa C

    “It’s a dog eat dog world” SMH. This is so nasty. The pictures are very disturbing.

  • Tonto Kawalski


  • Chillin

    Damn, I knew those red “pork” ribs in my Chinese food always tasted alittle wierd. The whole time, we was eating Lassie, and the Chinese people just sittin there laughing. LMAO NO BUENO. I wonder how many people are gonna say f*** it and still order the “fido ribs” with shrimp fried rice lol

  • Alex

    @ Tanisha, they actually do have farms that breed and raise the dog for the purpose of consumption…

  • tbrash03

    These are the same people who eat rats! This is why I am learning to cook my own chinese food!

  • Britt
  • one voice

    Do your research: the Chinese (Moab) will eat anything including fetuses (babies).

  • While I myself would never knowingly eat a dog. Through the information highway I’ve learned that many other cultures believe that any animal that has it’s back to the sun is fair game to be stewed,and we as so called civilized Americans feel we’re to good to eat anything not processed.

  • thisissick

    Fawkin chinese bastards are 1 of the sickest monsters 2 animals . F8ck anyone whos co-signin this Shyte . U all are sick bastards who probably will get down and eat dog too. Those poooor dogs augggh ..Some humans are just so sickening 2 me . Fawk CHINESE PEOPLE

  • Tonto Kawalski


  • love strung

    Mofo pls, Dogs are house pets. These puppies look like my little poopoo, this could be him up there. I have been on my 70% raw vegan/raw food tip for the past year and seeing this has made me won’t to kick it into overdrive. This is disturbing to see, so all those rumors and jokes from childhood about Chinese eating dog is true. @ Tonto Kawaiski I agree Bizarre Foods w/Andrew Zimmerman (along with Anthony Bourdain & Samantha Brown) is one of my favorite shows too, I wonder would Andrew be down for this.

  • Krazidawg

    What I find funny is how these activists talk a gang of ish in american but shut the hell up and won’t dare go to other countries with their causes. It shows how spineless they really are, say for instance how in our country we have women rights groups, ok take that over to afganistan, get your damn head chopped off and rightly so, we don’t have any business pushing our beliefs on other people, now give me some sweet little dog, I don’t want a big dog!!! LMFAO

  • sunshine

    There is no limit to what ppl eat. I hate to see these pictures bcuz I love Dogs but I can’t judge their culture. I don’t agree with it or like but they need to keep that mess down, they have a nerve to have a festival…ugh!

  • zahrin

    I pity the animals that were slaughtered for no other reason than food. I mean dogs are supposed to be mens best friend and not food. Why do people not think abt wad they are doing? They should be aware of such controversy that might happen. I beg everyone to care for the animals especially the chinese. They eat almost EVERYTHING. I hope the govt think abt wad they are doin.

  • Michaelhamer49

    we should go take over their country

  • Dparkes26

    Woooooww.. People are idiots…

  • Mario

    Ya hoes we should make the rules for your country