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Breaking News: Gucci Mane Reportedly Released From Prison, New Film In the Works [Exclusive Video]


Gucci Mane Released From Jail

Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane is believed to have been released from prison today.

Gucci had been in prison since pushing a woman out of a moving vehicle in April, and was charged with battery, a misdemeanor and violating his probation.

We will report more on Gucci Mane’s prison release as the story develops.

Also, Hip-Hop Wired recently spoke with video director Mr. Boomtown, who has worked extensively with Gucci Mane over the years.

Boomtown talked about upcoming plans to film a movie upon the rapper’s release, and mentioned Gucci Mane would be coming home soon.

It looks like Gucci Mane was release a few days early.

Watch our interview with Mr. Boomtown here:

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  • Pookie

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    You know the funniest thing about prison?? …dudes pretending they want to get out!!

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