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There comes a time in everyone’s life when he/she must take the time to step out of reality for a second, take a hard look in the mirror and reevaluate the direction his/her life is taking them.

In the case of Chance, from Real Chance of Love, the alleged rapper has set his crosshairs on 50 Cent. Reports have shown that the reality star had quite some words for the Queens rapper.

“50 cent you a b***h n***a when you seen me at the vma 09 it was all fun and games. N*gga when i left out that b***h i heard you was talkin sour n*gga yo career is ova n*gga i heard ya lil b****h a$$ diss record that s**twas wack. All i gotta say is you done f**k up n*gga you wanted beef b***h a$$ n*gga you done found it sucker A$$ n*gga you think yo song was something n*gga. Imma have yo hoe A$$ cryin…Ya im done talkin yall look out for my diss single coming soon im out this b***h grand hustle all day for you weak A$$ n***as.”

Word?? It becomes baffling how much this concept of thuggery has evolved in the years. It is almost amusing to see how much a person will puff out their chest when they are behind a computer or behind a camera, but behind the scenes they are quiet as a mouse. Exactly where this hostility came from is anybody’s guess.

Now for those that have kept track of Chance and his tough guy persona, he has clearly been playing the role since he first emerged in I Love New York. One of those all bark no bite types. Now many would say that Mr. Jackson should not feed into such unnecessary taunts, but knowing the rapper, who thrives on controversy, this could pan out to be another comedic series.

Who knows if he will be able to actually find his real chance at love, but if 50 bites back, he will surely find himself a real chance at being embarrassed in the worst ways imaginable.