After having his event cancelled due to issues of safety and the possibility of violence, rapper 50 Cent was finally able to give back to his neighborhood over the weekend as Queens celebrated Family Day.

The G-Unit trio was in attendance for the event Saturday as they hit the stage to perform a number of their hits. The actual event lasted for five hours and there were no signs of any type of hostility that was proposed earlier when the concert was initially announced.

According to security officials for the 50 Cent/ G-Unit-sponsored event, over 2,500 people came to the yard by P.S. 40. No heavy prior promotion was made. A few flyers were passed out on Friday, but most of the traffic for the event was due to word of mouth.

Other rappers came to show their support for their state of New York as Papoose and Cormega was present. Trav, a n unsigned rapper from Queens, opened the festivities.

Always known as the one to stir up a little controversy, 50 Cent even threw a few friendly jabs at local authorities. He even added that next time he will get the day that he wants and won’t deal with the minor push-back that came this year.

“I ain’t never seen this before, that’s the motherFawking police, you see them up there, now everybody wave. You might as well come down and party with us, because we’re not giong to be doing anything else… I see a lot of familiar faces I ain’t seen in awhile. Next year I’m gonna get to do it on the actual date that I want, when they see this as a successful event they won’t give me such a hard time next time.”

Now that the rapper has been able to finally show a day for his hood, next up is the Thisis50 Festival which is scheduled to happen next weekend in New York City. Notable appearances should include the likes of Dipset, D-Block, Ron Browz and others. See, Black people can be civilized afterall.