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Marvel's Avengers

Source: Crystal Dynamics/ Marvel’s Avengers

After its not-so-stellar launch in 2020, Crystal Dynamics Marvel’s Avengers was supposed to find its second wind with its post-game content. Sadly that hasn’t been the case.

Marvel’s Avengers has seen some decent post-launch content and solid expansions that introduced new characters with the addition of Hawkeye, Kate Bishop, Black Panther, and, recently, Spider-Man. Unfortunately, the game is still a mess, and now a new game-breaking bug is making life miserable for the few who still play the game on PS5 consoles.

The bug causes Marvel’s Avengers to crash every time players load up the game, and the only way to get around it is by deleting their game progress. The development team behind the game is well aware of the situation and shared a fix via Twitter.

Our team is continuing to investigate the issue causing a crash for some PS5 players. We think we’ve identified a fix that is currently being implemented/tested. We hope to have more news by tomorrow morning and will continue to keep you updated.

In the meantime, here’s a workaround that is resolving the issue for some players – just note that it will reset your campaign progress: Go to Operations and Reset your Reassemble Campaign Progress. As soon as you become young Kamala on A-Day, force close the game from the PS home screen, then you should be able to start Avengers Initiative.

Players shared their experience with the fix said it does work, noting that it only affects campaign story progress, but your microtransactions and playable characters are not affected. Add this latest bug to the list of things that have made this games rollout and its eventual journey Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics would love to forget. In our review of the game, we called the game the Age of Ultron of Marvel games, being that it would probably be better appreciated later on down the line like the film. We might have to eat our words on that, but there is still time for us to be proven correct.

Photo: Crystal Dynamics/ Marvel’s Avengers