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New PlayStation Plus

Source: PlayStation / All-New PlayStation Plus

Sony’s All-New PlayStation Plus and its tiers have not arrived, but gamers have found a way to save hundreds on it before it drops.

Gamers are a resourceful bunch of people and have discovered a workaround allowing them to score over six years of PlayStation Plus Premium for about half the price. Video Game deal hunter @Wario64 first shared the exploit on Twitter, and @IGNDeals confirmed it does indeed work. When users click on a specific link, it will take them to a deal, allowing them to purchase 12-months of PS Now that will convert to 12-months of PlayStation Plus Premium at no cost.

This is a big deal because Sony initially blocked users from buying more than 1-month of PS Now and the workaround is still live last time we checked. PlayStation users are currently stacking many years of PS Now, prepping for the big conversion to PlayStation Plus Premium. According to IGN, those users will face no punishment for taking advantage of the workaround. According to the website, some users have stacked their accounts all the way up to 2031.

Here is a breakdown of how to use the exploit per IGN:

To use this exploit, you’ll need to be using a web browser on your computer or mobile device. Sign into your PSN account on your device, and then top up your PSN wallet with however much you’ll need via Amazon or PSN (redeem codes here).

Once you’re happy with your choice, use this link to purchase 12-months of PS Now. This will let you buy PS Now, and if you repeat this step after you’ve finished your purchase, you can actually stack your membership for what seems like an infinite amount.

  1. Use a web browser on mobile or PC, not the PS app
  2. Sign into your PSN account
  3. Buy PSN Top-Ups at Amazon or via PSN
  4. Redeem codes here if you need to
  5. Purchase 12-months of PS Now
  6. Stack as many times as you want
  7. Free PS Plus Premium conversion in June 2022

Users initially believed that PlayStation Now had a three-year stacking limit. Based on this exploit, that is not the case. If you want to get in on the fun, you better move fast because it could be gone in the blink of an eye.

Photo: PlayStation / All-New PlayStation Plus