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Former President Donald Trump Rallies Supporters In Georgia

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Apparently, in Florida, there exists a right-wing rapper (yes, you read that correctly) named Kurt Jantz who goes by the rap name Forgiato Blow. Recently, Janz released a music video meant to celebrate Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz as well as former president Donald Trump, and we at the Black delegation have but one question:

WTF is this Yo’ MAGA TV Raps nonsense here?

Nah, we really need to know what Bargain Basement Bubba Sparxxx thinks he’s doing here. What is this?

This is a rap song (don’t you dare call this Hip Hop) where an MC (in this instance, it stands for MAGA Caucasity) rattles off generic Republican talking points in verse form while looking like he just got done stabbing his Hispanic cell mate so he could join the Aryan prison gang.

Kurt Jantz looks like Bizarro World Umar Johnson. You can tell even his rap beef goes unseasoned. (In my best Juve voice) If he ain’t a Capitol rioter then what do you call that?

I don’t know who the other tragic and face-tatted white guy is who has accompanied Fox News Fred Durst in this caucasity calamity of a rap video. The duo looks like they came in last place at an Insane Clown Posse cosplay contest.

Also, Jantz can’t rap for sh**.

“Tell these snowflakes I’m like Matt Gaetz and Madison Cawthorn. Tell these bums come and take my guns, it’s uncalled for,” he raps. “He’s the chosen one, yeah, dedicated congressman, Matt Gaetz show him love.”

It’s bad enough that this “rapper” who manages to be more Kid Rock than Kid Rock has written an ode to Gaetzwho, by the way, is still currently under DOJ investigation over allegations of sex trafficking and having sex with minors—but as Raw Story noted, the video features Abby Greenberg, the estranged wife of former Seminole County tax collector Joel Greenberg, an associate of Gaetz who pleaded guilty to six federal charges including the sex trafficking of a minor last year. 

Raw Story reported that some of the footage from this embarrassing as hell Hick-Hop video was recorded at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) that was held in Orlando in February.

And, of course, Gaetz is out here celebrating the video with a prediction that Jantz is “going to the top of the charts (with) this!”

2022 has been wild, bruh.