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Official Celebrity Boxing South Florida Rumble Featuring Blac Chyna - Press Conference

Source: Aaron Davidson / Getty

Yes, Blac Chyna is a celebrity boxer now. She had a match last night with a “celebrity fitness influencer” and despite looking like she was catching the proper fade, the fight was a draw.

This really happened.

Reports TMZ:

Chyna’s ring showdown with fitness model Alysia Magen wasn’t the greatest display of the sweet science — but both women threw lots of punches — and while BC might argue this, Alysia got in the best single shot.

There was only one knockdown, and that was Alysia putting Blac Chyna on her ass … but she was able to get back up.

When the Saturday night PPV event was over the judges called it a tie.

Neither “fighter” was thrilled with that outcome … in fact, they both called it “bulls**t,” and neither sounded like they were down for a rematch. Let’s be honest, even fans don’t want that.

Man alive…

We’re not sure how much she got paid for this fight, but considering she’s down bad after $100 defamation suit against the Kardashians ended with an L, we’re going to guess it’s not even that big of a windfall.

Cold world.