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Snipes "Crack the Code"

Source: SNIPES / Snipes

Foot Locker might have the game on smash, but SNIPES is out here making their own moves to help the community as much as they can, and for that we thank them.

Snipes "Crack the Code"

Source: SNIPES / Snipes

On Wednesday, June 22, SNIPES announced their brand new initiative, Crack The Code, which is aiming to close the learning gap by promoting digital equity, in an effort to build the next generation of STEM leaders. How will they do this exactly? Well, the goal for SNIPES is to get out there and build state-of-the-art computer labs in key retail markets throughout the United States with the first one already up and running at Brooklyn’s Wyckoff Gardens Housing.

Consisting of desktops, laptops, iPads, printers and smartboards, the first computer lab is the blueprint for what communities can expect and that’s just the beginning of what these places will be able to do for the good people of our neighborhoods.

In addition to access to technology, these labs will also provide educational programming and digital literacy training. The expectation is that K-12 students, college students and adult learners will be able to easily access the basic computer courses and continuing education courses that will be held in the labs. SNIPES will continue to work with civic partners and community leaders to find solutions to enhancing the effort and identify additional opportunities for support, learning and educational growth within these communities.

This will be very much welcomed by both teens, adolescents and older folks who need help getting things done in 2022. SNIPES saw a Pew Research which showed just bad the digital and online struggle was for families in the community and decided to address it and do what they could to help.

“At SNIPES, we understand that today’s youth are tomorrow’s scientists, engineers, researchers and technology leaders,” said Jim Bojko, President of SNIPES’ US operations, in a statement. “The services these new computer labs will offer to marginalized members of our communities will assist toward closing the technology gap. They will give residents access to skills and information that is vital in helping young people prepare for their careers.”


For anyone curious as to how the Crack The Code initiative will pan out, head on down to The Wyckoff Gardens computer lab and get a taste of the future in the present.

Snipes "Crack the Code"

Source: SNIPES / Snipes

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