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Diablo Immortal Pulled Nearly $50 Million Following Launch

Source: Blizzard / Diablo Immortal

Despite the numerous criticisms about Diablo Immortal, gamers are still spending an obscene amount of coins on the cash grab, oops, we mean Blizzard’s latest mobile game.

Diablo Immortal Is Still Raking In The Dough For Blizzard

Spotted on Gamespot via, Diablo Immortal managed to rake in nearly $50 million in its first month despite the complaints about its microtransactions and other issues.

Per Gamespot:

The new sales data comes from using information pulled from Appmagic, which tracks mobile game earnings. notes that the $48.9 million earned by Blizzard is after Apple and Google have taken their 30% cut from sales made on the App Store or Google Play, which means overall spending for Diablo Immortal is even higher than $50 million.’s report suggests Diablo Immortal spending peaked 10 days after launch on June 11, when Blizzard earned $2.4 million in a single day. In its first week, Blizzard earned nearly $12 million from Diablo Immortal. In fact, there wasn’t a single day in the game’s first month of availability that in-game spending dipped below $1 million. More than 10 million players have downloaded Diablo Immortal so far, with most of those downloads coming within the first week.

The game has been able to accomplish this impressive feat despite it not being available globally. The game’s wig got pushed back in Asia to July 7 and has been delayed indefinitely in China. The game was banned in the Netherlands and Belgium due to strict local laws regulating gambling and loot boxes.

Despite Financial Success, It’s Still Sucks

Despite being a huge financial success for Blizzard, the game was critically panned and earned the honor of being the worst-received game in the franchise’s history. The game’s PC version earned the lowest using score in Metacritic history.


Still, a good amount of gamers are spending their hard-earned coins on this “terrible game.” Whatever keeps them happy, we guess.

Photo: Blizzard / Diablo Immortal