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Lil Durk Gets Injured During Onstage Incident At Lollapalooza

Source: Josh Brasted / Getty

Over the weekend, Lollapalooza went down in the city of Chicago, and much to the delight of the people of the Windy City, Lil Durk rocked the stage for his hometown on Saturday night (July 30). Still, unfortunately, an on-stage incident left him bruised, battered, and out of the game for the foreseeable future.

Variety reports that while he was performing “Back In Blood” on stage, Lil Durk accidentally walked directly into two on-stage pyrotechnic smoke flares and got a face full of smoke that left him reeling for a moment. Stumbling away and wiping his eyes, the audience knew that things went left for the Chiraq artist.

Stage crew quickly ran to his aid as someone on the microphone was heard saying, “Woah, woah, you alright, bro? [The smoke] shot straight up.” Without leaving the stage, Durk took a few moments to compose himself and eventually continued with the rest of his performance.

Gutsy performer.

Lil Durk Kept Going For His Fans

After performing, Lil Durk got medical attention and took to Instagram to show his fans the after-effects that the incident left him with as his face was bandaged with only one good eye showing.

In the caption, Durk wrote, “Due to the incident that happened at Lollapalooza in Chicago on stage, I’m a take a break & focus on my health. I finished my performance yesterday for my fans. Appreciate y’all.”

We don’t know what kind of damage a face full of pyrotechnic smoke flares can do, but apparently, it can put you out of commission for a hot minute.

We wish homie a speedy recovery and hope he gets back on stage sooner than later.

Photo: Josh Brasted / Getty