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Not too many artists these days take a stance for what’s right but are quick to glorify violence and bullShhh*t.

Well Tyrese ain’t one.

As previously reported, the actor/singer/ Rapper (Black Ty Stick to your day jobs homey), caught some heat in Delaware when he spoke out against liquor stores being so close to urban schools.

Standing by his principles, Tyrese spoke to Hip-Hop Wired exclusively about the incident and why most artists lack BALLS when it comes to standing up for the right causes.

” I just think that’s the reason why a lot of artists don’t speak up on obvious things because radio is very powerful and our careers could literally get killed without support from radio.

This dude kicked me out the radio station and then he banned my music a couple of days later and that’s his position. [He said]  ‘I’m not gone put your music on until you come back up here and apologize’ and I’m never going to apologize.  My position will never change and I  just think me being a father for one, with a 4-yar-old beautiful daughter , I just think these are things that people should address.


If ya’ll can run cats off “ya”ll” block that’s selling and they ain’t supposed to be there, ya’ll need to have a conversation about those liquor stores  that’s right by your elementary schools, by your kids…because the personalities  that come with these liquor stores should not be that close to any kids.  Period.”

Peep The Interview as he also discuses his new album Open Invitation dropping November 1st as well as the new video with Ludacris.


Tyrese feat. Ludacris – “Too Easy” [Video]

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