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Fat Joe's Clap and Revolve Video Shoot in Prospect Park

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Fat Joe appears to be trying to dead any and all beef that has materialized between him and Irv Gotti as a result of Gotti doing the absolute most during a now-infamous Drink Champs interview, during which he talked way too much about his decades-old feelings he had for Ashanti.

As previously reported, Joe called Irv a “sucker” for oversharing about his obsession with Ashanti and for disrespecting the “Foolish” singer. Apparently, Irv responded by implying that he and Joe are no longer friends.

“I feel like he fooled me. He’s not my friend. I was fooled, but in life, you get fooled,” Irv said during an interview with Houston’s 97.9 The Box, according to Complex. “Forget Joe ’cause they don’t want me to talk about Joe, so I won’t talk about Joe, I’ll talk about life. And In life, everyone goes through friends.”

But Joe Crack says he still has love for Gotti and that he doesn’t see him as a friend—he sees him as a “brother.

“Irv Gotti said I’m no longer his friend. And he’s correct because I’m his brother,” Joe said in a live-streamed video. “And I love him, I love his entire family, I love his mother, I love his sisters, I love his brothers, I love his sons. I love them all. And so sometimes, brothers check each other. That’s the furthest I’ma go.”

Listen: Friends fight and makeup just like couples do. And besides, Irv has been kind of a “sucker” with all this Ashanti drama. I’m not sure when the Hip Hop industry turned into a ’90s teen drama, but it needs to stop.

It’s getting embarrassing, bruh.