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Looks like Quavo will become the latest rapper to transition from Hip-Hop to Hollywood as he’s set to star in an action-thriller alongside a Tinsel Town OG.

Variety is reporting that the Migos representative has been cast to star opposite Billy Zane in a new action-thriller dubbed Takeover with production set to go down in Quavo’s hometown of Atlanta. As for what the film’s plot will revolve around, it seems like a pretty interesting concept.

Zane plays Gamal Akopyan, the leader of an international heist ring, who uses street takeovers to get away with mass robberies. When his latest heist goes awry, he must do whatever it takes to escape the Atlanta takeover scene alive – with nine figures worth of diamonds.

Street takeovers are a U.S. phenomenon where motorists arrive at a particular location in a coordinated manner similar to flash mobs, block streets with their vehicles and engage in stunts with their cars. Criminals often use this time to conduct robberies.

You gotta wonder if one of those diamonds that Zane has in the stash is the legendary “Heart of The Ocean” which was last seen being thrown into the Atlantic Ocean by an old lady who was particularly promiscuous during her younger years.

Written by Jeb Stuart (Die Hard, The Fugitive) and directed by Greg Jonkajtys (The Liberator), Takeover will be produced by Trioscope and Quality Films.

“Takeover” is set in and filming in Atlanta, a hotbed of the street takeover car culture. The film aims to underscore the fascination and controversy surrounding takeovers – also known as ‘sideshows.’ These will be brought to life using Trioscope’s proprietary technology that fuses live-action performances and CG.

No word on what role Quavo himself will play but y’all know he’ll be stealing scenes whenever he gets in front of the camera.

Will you be checking for Takeover once it hits theaters? Let us know in the comments section below.

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