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Is there a depth of depravity that infamous snitch Tekashi 6ix9ine wouldn’t stoop to? Apparently not, because the chief struggle rapper of the world decided to mock the death of PnB Rock.

It hadn’t even been 24 hours since PnB Rock’s passing that Tekashi decided to get his troll on.

Taking to Instagram, he posted “Homie died over…” and included a photo graphic of a waffle and a “crying laughing” emoji.

PnB Rock was gunned down while he was out eating with his girlfriend, Stephanie Sibounheuang, 31, at the Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles in Inglewood, CA. It’s already bad enough that the geo-tagged photo she shared of their meal before the robbery is being focused on by way too many people.

Cardi B took to social media to defend Stephanie after some people began pointing fingers at who was at fault for the rapper’s death.

“I highly doubt nikkas was looking at [PnB’s] babymom IG. He was in a bad location and people stay outside plotting. It’s very irresponsible and inconsiderate to blame her for something so tragic. We should be sending nothing but love to her and his family at this time,” the “Hot Shit” rapper tweeted to her 23 million followers.


The shooter is to blame period, and Stephanie is surely mourning. But here we are.

Tekashi and PnB weren’t on good terms. In 2020, he wrote, “If he get smoked my life will be made no kizzyy,” as a comment on a 6ix9ine’s video.

But, trolls will troll. Twitter is gathering the heinous Brooklyn rapper who can’t even safely walk the streets of his home borough. So we’re posting this for archival purposes, and so that potential fans can make better decisions about who they choose to support.

RIP PnB Rock.