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Nasir Jones’ dirty legal battle with Kelis looks like child’s play compared to his current issue with the law. As previously reported, the mother of baby Knight took him to court for spousal and child support claiming the lavish lifestyle she grew accustomed to had to be maintained. Now his soon to be ex-wife’s askings in his earnings seems meager compared to what the government’s demanding.

According to reports, Nas owes ‘The Man’ over $2 million in unpaid taxes, $2,584,206 million to be exact. The Internal revenue service is set to take him to court for the back pay later this year.

In the meantime he’ll empty out his wallet to Kelis who recieves over$44,000 a month in child support and legal fees. Although they’ve been seen together and look to be reconciling, their final divorce proceeding will be November 20.  

Damn Nas, $2.5 million in taxes. What’s with everyone “forgetting” to pay their taxes?

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