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Latto got the Internet in a tizzy, but it wasn’t in connection to a new track. Instead, a pair of undergarments that were previously worn. After an online fan noted that Latto dipped into her underwear stash twice in separate photos, the buzzing rapper tried auctioning the cheetah print panny-drawls on eBay, but the sale was shut down.

As reported by Insider, Latto, 24, was called out by the fan in a tweet and shot back by referring to them as the “Panty Police” to good effect. Realizing that this could be an opportunity for a come-up, the “Big Energy” star posted the underwear on eBay with bids beginning at .99 cents. However, the bidding almost reached $100,000 before eBay saw enough and shut down the auction, citing health and hygiene violations.

One, that a pair of affordable panties that were already worn can go for nearly six figures means there might be a bright market for lived-in under-drawls. Two, eBay is kind of foul for snatching the bag from Lotto’s hands like that, but they’re probably right in that it’s not the most hygienic way to get to the bag.

Check out some Twitter highlights below.

Photo: Andrew Chin / Getty