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Ye aka Kanye West hasn’t been having the best run of luck since brands started dropping him after the Hip-Hop legend and “white lives matter” advocate started going full Nazi whisperer for the world to see. But the man who has at least 99 problems can breathe easy knowing a battery charge ain’t one.

As previously reported, Ye was in Los Angeles in January when he was caught on video snatching a woman’s phone and tossing it to keep her from filming him. According to LA law enforcement, Yeezus was facing a battery charge behind the incident, but it looks like Ye is in the clear as the alleged victim has declined to press charges.

From TMZ:

A release from the Ventura Co. District Attorney’s Office Wednesday revealed the phone suffered minor damage — only affecting the $30 case around the device — and stated the female paparazzo declined to press charges against Kanye.

It was back in January when West was filmed taking and tossing the phone into the street close to a facility where his daughter, North, was playing basketball. Kanye had asked the paps in the video not to film him while he was trying to spend time with his kids.

As we reported, it was only a few weeks after the phone incident when Kanye was seen outside the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Department … proceeding inside to ask deputies to take care of the paparazzi following him. The photogs were not causing harm.

I suppose even an attention-addicted egomaniac like Ye should be allowed to protect his children from media vultures. I mean, it’s not like his kids are MAGA hat-bearing Nazi sympathizers after all.

Still, hopefully, Ye will think twice before he puts himself in a position to catch a charge again. Not that thinking has really been his strong suit lately.