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The ‘Appropriate Attire Policy’ at Morehouse College is continuing to cause controversy weeks after it was put into effect. As previously reported, the private school enacted a dress code prohibiting sagging pants and the following:

*no caps, do-rags and/or hoods in classrooms, the cafeteria, or other indoor venues

* no sun glasses worn in class or at formal programs

* no jeans at major programs, as well as no sagging pants on campus

* no clothing with derogatory or lewd messages either in words or pictures

* no wearing of clothing usually worn by women (dresses, tops, tunics, purses, pumps, etc.) on the Morehouse campus or at college-sponsored events.

The banning of women’s clothing has been undoubtedly the most controversial new rule, sparking outrage from students and outsiders who claim it’s an act of homophobia at the all male college.

The President of the college, Dr. Robert Franklin, sent out an email denying that it targets homosexuals saying,

“Since the policy was released, a lot of attention has centered on the standard that prohibits men from wearing women’s clothing on campus. Some critics have concluded that Morehouse seeks to discriminate against certain groups of students, specifically gay, transgendered and bisexual men. This is not our intent. In fact, we have worked diligently to ensure that Morehouse is a safe, inclusive, and respectful community with a strong commitment to social justice, diversity and respectful tolerance,”

I don’t know Dr. Franklin, the “no women’s clothing” rule is tricky. How can your campus be safe and inclusive when you won’t let your homosexual students express themselves?

Man just go ahead and let them boys wear dresses.