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“It could never be no situation, because little homie already know what it is with me.”

The ongoing war of words between former Boys in the Hood affiliates, Young Jeezy and Jody Breeze continues.

 As previously reported, Jody Breeze made it all too obvious that he wants nothing to do with his former Bad Boy South labelmate releasing his “Uptown” diss track and claiming that their formerly brotherly ties are no more. Now the Snowman himself is responding and asserting that he’s not the one to play with.

Jeezy responded to Jody’s ongoing rant saying,

“At the end of the day, I just take it for what it is. Ni**as fu%&ed up, ni**as talking reckless. If the ni**a wanna get signed and need some money, we’ll do that. But Jody knows what it is with me, I aint to be played with like that. I aint never disrespected the lil homie, I aint never brought his name out of my mouth of none of that bullShyte.”


In between shutting down old group members, Jeezy’s preparing to drop Thug Motivation 103. The return of the traditional trapping and rapping Jizzle from his early years is expected to return early next year. Thug Motivation is spearheaded by his latest single  “Trap or Die 2” produced by Zaytoven.