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Kevin Durant EMS Call of Duty Skin

Source: Activision / Call of Duty / Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant calls himself Easy Money Sniper, and now we will see if he can live up to that in Call of Duty as the latest operator.

The writing was on the wall literally, and Call of Duty players saw it coming. Fans of the franchise figured it all out when they spotted Easy Money Sniper, the Phoenix Suns All-Star’s Instagram handle written on one of the buildings hinting he would be coming to the game.

That was confirmed when Call of Duty announced that the professional hooper, business mogul, and avid gamer would be the next available skin.

“@easymoneysniper is drafted to Call of Duty for his rookie season, ” Call of Duty writes in the caption of the IG post. “Kevin Durant will be available in a special, limited-time Store Bundle to be released during Season 03 Reloaded.”

Immediately after the announcement, the one question COD players had on their minds was if Durant would be in all of his 6’11 glory when he becomes available, making him a very obvious target in the game, or will he be shrunken down to the exact size of the other operators.

Durant’s addition to the game follows the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle villain, The Shredder’s operator skin.

We can’t wait to see how Easy Money Sniper looks and feels in the game. We also wonder how good Durant is in Call of Duty. He didn’t make a good impression in the NBA 2K Players Only Tournament. 

On the other hand, his teammate, Devin Booker, is an excellent COD player, so he might be jealous that KD got an operator skin before him.

We are sure Booker will eventually get into the game too.

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