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Atlanta Cityscapes And City Views

Magic City, the famed Atlanta strip club known for its lemon pepper wings and other choice reasons, will be the subject of a new documentary with Jermaine Dupri serving as one of the executive producers. The documentary series titled Magic City: An American Fantasy just wrapped up production and will be released at a later time.

Deadline reports that Magic City: An American Fantasy will be a three-part documentary series and is backed by the aforementioned Dupri along with Cole Brown, Jami Gertz, and Drake’s DreamCrew Entertainment. Music exec Michael Mauldin is also listed as an Executive Producer, and the series is produced in conjunction with Scheme Engine.

Magic City has been in operation since 1985 and became a central location for breaking new Hip-Hop records in the south. Future, Migos, and countless other acts have gone on to higher heights after having their early singles played inside the club.

“This is a unique story of Black entrepreneurship and empire-building in a city that is the beating heart of Black culture,” Cole Brown, the creator of the series, said. “I’m ecstatic to be working with a team that will give this story the authenticity and platform it deserves.”

Guests for the series include 2 Chainz, Nelly, Shaquille O’Neal, Quavo, Killer Mike, Big Boi, and past employees who all share their memories of the legendary establishment.

“The inner workings of Magic City and its prevalence in hip-hop are remarkably mysterious — it’s a wonder the story has yet to be told,” Jami Gertz, Executive Producer, actress, and Atlanta Hawks team co-owner. “Atlanta is my adopted home and a place I’m looking forward to celebrating through this story.”

“Magic City is a second home for me. It’s the one place where celebrities, hustlers, politicians, and Atlanta locals all come together. I’ve watched it evolve over the years from a local joint to an internationally-recognized spot. It’s about time we tell this story the right way,” added EP Jermaine Dupri.

A release date for Magic City: An American Fantasy is forthcoming.

Photo: Raymond Boyd / Getty