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There is no doubt that the NAACP is a mere shell of its former self. Chasing frivolous, and often pointless, “civil rights” cases seems to be the name of the game as the organization’s leadership is seemingly doing its best to permanently tarnish the name of an organization that used to stand for so much.

In its latest wild goose chase, the Bucks County, PA chapter of the NAACP has called for severe disciplinary action for one middle school teacher.

Matthew Curran, an eighth-grade math teacher at Lenape Middle School, has found himself at the mercy of a laughingly, mighty civil rights juggernaut after assigning students, what some are deeming, as “racist” math homework.

The lesson, solving equations using multiplication and division, seemed normal enough; the uproar actually surrounds a picture on the assignment, which is of a scruffy, unshaven, Black man donning a straw hat, with his mouth open wide, exposing a lack of teeth. Under the picture, a caption reads ”NO WAI!!!”

Parents of the offended Black student, Lanape’s principle, Nick Chubb, and NAACP president John Jordan met to discuss the picture which the organization has publicly denounced as being “insulting” and “disparaging” in nature.

“I believe the meeting was productive, and we’re working toward a resolution,” said Chubb to the media.

The group settled on “consequences” for the teacher and racial sensitivity training for all staff members.

It is safe to say that this entire ordeal was nothing less than a superior lesson in how to waste time, effort, and energy properly.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People…

A 21st century joke. . .

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