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Larry Langford will regret the day that he let greed interfere with his sworn civil duty.

The 63-year-old was found guilty of corruption after it was revealed that he accepted nearly $236,000 in gifts and cash in return for guiding government contracts toward his long-time friend and investment banker, Bill Blount.

Interim Mayor Carole Smitherman assumed mayor duties immediately after Langford’s banishment from office.

Langford, found guilty on 60 counts felony counts of bribery and fraud, is facing what is likely to amount to a life sentence if leniency is not granted on his behalf.

This shocking move comes as Birmingham‘s Jefferson County attempts to avoid a bankruptcy filling that would be the largest in history, currently sitting at $3.9 billion. That amount totally dwarfs the old record of $1.6 billion  set by Orange County, California in 1994.

Many denizens of Birmingham, Alabama’s largest city, are fiercely supportive of the ousted mayor due largely to his success in cleaning their neighborhood. He also procured laptops for the children of Jefferson County and began building a new domed stadium with a $530 million price tag.

An election commission has scheduled a mayoral election for the beginning of December.