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Suge Knight Claims Diddy Beat Up A Female Assistant

Source: Pool / Getty / Suge Knight

Of course, Suge Knight would have something to add to the list of sexual assault allegations against Diddy.

Spotted on HipHopDX, Diddy’s longtime nemesis and former Death Row CEO, Suge Knight, became the latest person to throw a big handful of salt in the Bad Boy mogul’s open wound.

In the latest episode of his podcast from jail, Collect Call with Suge Knight (how this is possible is another question), Knight talked about his storied rivalry with Diddy, used the opportunity to take a shot at him, and brought up more allegations against Brother Love.

“What Puffy done, what Puffy did, or what Puffy do, is not a surprise — everybody know what it is,” he said. “I mean, you gotta be able to that type of shit to a woman and to other women. But it’s not like it’s new news,” Knight said.

Speaking with his co-host Dave Mays, Knight brought up the Cassie situation, alleging that Puffy put his hands on a female assistant who didn’t tell him about Cassie’s fling with Kid Cudi, which also led to the “Mr Rager” crafter’s car being allegedly blown up. 

“Same time he beat the shit outta muthaf***ing Cassie, he had an assistant by the name of Capricorn,” Knight continued. “He felt Cap was keepin’ this shit on the low about if she was messin’ with Cudi or not. Puffy beat the sh*t out that b***h.”

“Not only did he beat the shit out of her, it was an Interscope person, an Interscope check, that paid her to settle so he wouldn’t go to jail.”

Suge Knight Got Jokes

Knight, currently serving a 28-year-long prison sentence, wasn’t done taking shots at Diddy. He even joked about life in prison for the Revolt CEO if he shared a cell with him.

“Puffy, I don’t wanna see you go down, but if you need a celly, I’m a grant your ass my cell, boy! Have your cook game working. I don’t want no head, but you gon’ be cleaning toilets,” Knight joked.

You can listen to the entire podcast below if you have time to waste.

Photo: Pool / Getty