India.Arie is back with some audible smoothness. The renowned singer/songwriter just dropped “Cocoa Butter,” her first single in four years. Picking up right where her cult smash “Brown Skin” left off, the new track finds India in the pocket of what she does best; bringing back that loving feeling.

“Cocoa Butter” features a soothing groove hugged by buttery instrumentation and caressed by India.Arie’s vocals. “Your love is like cocoa butter on my heart,” she sings on the chorus. The Motown recording artist is hard at work readying her fifth studio album, SongVersation, due in stores on June 25. In a press release, she compares the creative process to the Holy Grail:

“The making of this album has been one of THE MOST important experiences of my career. Every time I make an album, it’s an important and tumultuous and nuanced and complex and dynamic process of going into the Woods and coming out with the Holy Grail… the Holy Grail being the internal growth that becomes fertile ground for new songs. This album was a process of MANY JOURNEYS all happening at once, culminating in not just a fertile ground, but a fertile ground on a different land.”

Sounds like an artist most definitely sensitive about her ish. Lather up in “Cocoa Butter” when it hits iTunes on April 9 and take a listen below.

Photo: Larry Busacca