Four Morehouse College students, all of which have ties to the school’s athletic program, have been accused of r@pe and s-xual assault of Spelman students in two separate events.

Maroon Tigers basketball players Chukwudi Ndudikwa and Malcolm Frank are facing r@pe and aggravated sodomy charges. Teammate Tevin Mgbo face charges of kidnapping, aggravated sodomy, and reckless conduct.

The scandal unfolding at the private all-male college is an explosive one, as NBC affiliate 11 Alive unveiled in a special video report. So far, Atlanta police officials have not gotten involved and instead are allowing Morehouse authorities to conduct their own investigation.

According to court filings, Frank, Ndudikwa, and Mgbo attended a club party over the school’s spring break back on March 8. The victim says she had been drinking but does not recall the events that allegedly took place at the East Suites after leaving the club.

Witnesses say the victim reportedly had s-x with several men over the course of the night and was seen using drugs. The victim maintains that she did not use any drugs. Another witness say the victim was dancing while intoxicated and fell, hitting her head in the process.  Other witnesses came forth saying that some of the suspects said the r@pe accusations were false and that the s-x was consensual. The trio was arrested by campus police after word of the assault was reported.

Lucien Kidd was arrested and charged with r@pe in April in a separate case. Kidd tried out for the football team in 2010, but was never an official member of the squad. Morehouse College police and the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office are working in tandem on the case.

Watch 11 Alive’s report below. Check out photos of the accused in the gallery.

Photo: Morehouse College Police/AJC

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