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Will it ever end? Sometime soon (hopefully?). It’s a new day, and yes Draya Michele is still getting slandered in the Twitterverse, but now her seed has joined the fray.

Draya’s “son” signed on just in time to get into the thick of things.

If the abandoned (and starving) child in the avi wasn’t enough, there’s a bunch of tweets that gets the point across. Not to be outshined are the Twitter details. Name? @DrayaFaceSon Bio? @DrayaFace son. Sombody [sic] tell my mom to feed me. Location? AppleGate Orphanage.

For those not up to speed, Draya was arrested for child endangerment. According to police, her young son was left alone at home, while she upped her status at the local strip club. She did however leave him microwaveable meals, so there’s that.

The Philly native addressed the controversy on Basketball Wives: Los Angeles, and shed tears about it. From what we gather, Draya’s a human being so she was probably being sincere in her sadness, but chances are she never saw this amount of backlash coming. None of us did.

When a person writes “on a scale of ray charles to helen keller, how often do you see your son?” Twitter has officially become a war zone.

Take a look at some of Draya’s son’s tweet. You know you want to.

Photo: Twitter

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