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When it’s all said and done, Yeezus will be marked by its minimalism. The lyrics were raw. The beats were stripped down. Kanye West deferred from a typical marketing strategy. It even lacked proper album art. However, the good folks at GQ had a remedy in mind for the cover—or the lack thereof.

Fans will recall the rare promotional posters for the project, which donned the simple request “Please Add Graffiti.”

GQ did just that, but in the grandest way imaginable. The legendary magazine called on noteworthy artists ESPO, Curtis Kulig, Wil Fry, Mister Cartoon, and James Franco—yep, the very same guy who played Green Goblin’s son— to put their minds to work.

As a result, we receive a few interesting takes on the promo piece for West’s sixth studio album.

This will likely have people less up in arms than GQ‘s 25 worst rappers of all time list, released earlier in the week. Hit the jump to see a preview the the art. To see them all, read the full story here.

Photo: GQ

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