With the nation reeling from this weekend’s verdict of the George Zimmerman trial, many peaceful protests and dedications have sprung forth. However, a singer was attacked onstage while performing a song dedicated to Trayvon Martin and suffered injuries as a result.

R&B Hall Of Famer Lester Chambers, who gained fame as part of the Chambers Brothers, was performing at the Hayward-Russell City Blues Festival in downtown Hayward, Calif. on Saturday (July 13) reports the Dissenter blog. The 73-year-old crooner was preparing to sing a Curtis Mayfield-penned song from The Impressions, “People Get Ready,” dedicating the song in memory of the slain teen.

According to accounts, 43-year-old Dinalynn Andrews Potter, suddenly rushed Chambers as he was addressing the crowd. Friends and fellow musicians weighed in on the attack on Chambers’ Facebook page, including friend Kurt “Crowbar” Kangas.

From Kangas’ Facebook comments:

Lester is fine, just a bit sore and he will feel it tomorrow, the woman who attacked him was white and yelled something like “it’s all your fault” before she hit him, he went down hard but was halfway caught by Barren, thank God, she was subdued by Police and taken away while the para-medics came and took him to a local Hospital where he went thru a series of cat scans, no broken bones, the only injury for now is a 8″ scratch in the kidney area of his back and it’s starting to swell.

Andrews Potter was arrested and booked on suspicion of battery and later released. The Chambers family is looking to charge the woman with a hate crime. Chambers reportedly suffered a bruised rib and a scar on his lower back.

Check the next pages for a photo posted by Chambers’ son, Dylan, which highlights the injury.

Photos: Desearls, Facebook

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