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The Internets — particularly Black Twitter — is a land where little to no chill exists. If history hasn’t served as enough proof, today (July 17), folks are finding entertainment via the polarizing trending topic of the moment, #blackbuzzfeed.

In case you’d like to join, the premise is based on the popular site, BuzzFeed, and their knack for conjuring up lists using random (and albeit useless) topics. Like always, Twitter has upped the ante by utilizing slanderous tactics for laughs and retweets.

The former is promised.

So far, we’ve witnessed references to famous blind singers, the Black church, and why it’s important to know who made the potato salad at any cookout. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Hit the following pages to see the top 15 #blackbuzzfeed tweets we came across.

Photo: Twitter

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