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Black Twitter strikes again. After ethering BuzzFeed earlier in the week, the digital community aims their fury at well-noted conservative network Fox via the #FoxBuzzFeed trending topic.

The title — though unoriginal — picks up where the Internets’ previous efforts culminated during their Wednesday, July 17 tirade.

Much of the comments are centered around what many consider to be a racial bias on Fox’s part, and are damn funny to boot. No stone was left unturned, as some of your favorite Twitter personalities took shots that reference how twerking affects the white community, racial profiling, and affirmative action just to name a few.

History suggests that one should pretty much expect any questionable acts or tactics by the powers that be to be ripped to shreds by avid tweeters near and far.

See a gallery of the funniest #FoxBuzzFeed tweets we’ve seen.

Photo: Twitter

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