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In early September, a former bodyguard of Jay Z and Beyoncé named Norman Oosterbroek died after being tasered by police. The circumstances were strange–he was naked in a home that was not his–but not as obscene and scary as what got him canned by Hova and Bey. Allegedly, Ooosterbroek was fired because he was caught masturbating to passport photos of  Beyoncé and her daughter Blue Ivy

On Sept. 2, Oostebroek aka “Big Dutch” forced his way into a neighbor’s mansion in Miami, punched the homeowner and allegedly swallowed a white powder thought to be drugs. Officers were called and the 43-year-old was Tasered and subsequently died.

Yesterday (Sept. 19), the New York Daily News reported on the “freaky acts” that got Oosterbroek , aka “Big Dutch,” fired from watching the backs of Jay Z and Beyoncé after they learned he hired a prostitute while he was under their employ in Las Vegas. Also, the couple discovered photo and video evidence that Oosterbroek used the family’s passports for a lewd act.

A major magazine asked the Hip-Hop couple to comment. However, some type of undisclosed deal was struck so that the story would never be told. Today (Sept. 20), Gawker noted that  Crazy Days and Nights posted a blind item about two weeks ago that revealed the lewd acts was  Oosterbroek pleasuring himself to the passports of  Beyoncé and Blue Ivy.

Remember how back in the day Tiger Woods traded cover stories so that his infidelities could be hidden? Well, an A++ list celebrity has reached a similar deal and is appearing on a cover that she would have laughed at a year ago until she passed out from laughing so hard. The thing is, the parent company of the magazine was offered some information about the celebrity. Disturbing information. About a long time employee. About the employee being caught pleasuring himself to photos of our celebrity and her infant daughter. Yeah, it is pretty sick. There is video of the incident that was taken by a woman he paid to have sex with. They are both drunk in the video but he talks about how he works for the celebrity and was her very firstemployee and has been with her forever and the hooker went to sell the story and the publishing company loved it. Was going to buy it and reached out to the people of the celebrity and theytraded. Cover stories for a block on the publication of the photos and video.

There are not enough adjectives in all the world’s languages to accurately portray how disgusting this is. Luckily this egregious act was discovered. That’s one video we hope to never, ever see.