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Pharrell has something interesting with his “ARTST TLK” series. In the latest installment, renowned director Spike Lee sat on the hot seat to discuss his prolific films, career, upbringing, and host of other topics.

The Neptune producer, admittedly a supporter of the legendary filmmaker, asked questions from a fan’s perspective. In turn, this felt more like a conversation between friends than your run-of-the-mill interview.

The importance of finding, working to achieve, and ultimately realizing your dreams was a reoccurring theme in the discussion. In regards to that, Lee said, “The majority of people on this Earth are working a job they hated all their life. And life is precious.”

The Brooklyn native credits to parents to stifle their children’s creativity and goals, and promote job security rather than happiness.

“And that’s why I thank my parents, who always at a very early age — not that we were going to be filmmakers or whatever — they wanted to give us exposure to the arts. So, everything I’m doing today is because my mother was dragging me to museums; and that’s when the Black family was in tact,” said Lee.

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