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It wasn’t exactly Dead Poet’s Society, but the Grambling State University Tigers’ football team took a stand in honor of their ousted leader. After former Super Bowl MVP, Doug Williams was fired from his post as the GSU head coach as complaints of a deteriorating weight room (including the laundry unit that cleaned the nooks and crannies of player’s jock straps) caused immense friction within the administration.

Like true warriors of the gridiron, the players resumed practing this past Monday and in lieu of their finiancial woes, Muscle Milk extended an olive branch in the form of a few thousand cartons of their secret ingredients.


Funding cuts have crippled the once-proud program, forcing the Tigers to practice and work out in decrepit facilities and travel across several states by bus to away games.

The school also lacked the funding to pay for protein and other nutritional products — the players reportedly had to bring their own Gatorade — a problem the people at Muscle Milk helped remedy this week. According to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, the protein supplement company donated 384 cases of its product to the Grambling football team, enough to last the Tigers the remainder of the season.

College Spun estimates the donation — 4,608 bottles of Muscle Milk in all — cost roughly $18,400.

The NCAA is renowned for always pointing out what players are not allowed to do so this a noble stand by an organization that saw their health and welfare being jeopardized for no apparent reason. Now that hurdle has been leapt, how about getting those washing machines running again?

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