The NYPD is on the lookout for a pair of suspects that robbed a Lower Manhattan Whole Foods for $60,000. The two men entered into the Bowery supermarket last Sunday (Oct. 20) evening, with one of the men armed with a gun.

According to reports from NBC New York, the robbers walked into the store around 10 p.m. when a group of Whole Foods employees were transporting a shopping cart full of cash to the second floor via an elevator. When the doors open, one of the men flashed his weapon and ordered the workers to the ground.

The second man tied one of the workers up, then made off with the cash using a back entrance. According to an interview from Gothamist with one of the victims, the robbers were probably part of an inside job or former employees.

“The police came pretty quickly, but the thieves had already got out through our receiving dock on Chrystie,” said the employee. “They had to go through the back of the store to do that and get downstairs, and it’s like a maze so people think it’s probably someone who’s worked at our store or a friend of someone who has worked there.”

The New York Post incorrectly listed the thieves stole $26,000 but the NYPD confirmed $60,000 is the more accurate figure. The police are searching for two Black men, both wearing dark sweaters, dreadlocks and reportedly, fake beards.


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