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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution found themselves “poppin’ ish and apologizing” with a failed joke attempt that would send Michael Richards into post-traumatic shock. The city of Powder Springs recently celebrated the luck of lottery winner who is now a $1 million richer but but whoever was running the AJC’s Twitter account took things a little too far.

When announcing the news, they stated, “1M GA winner Willie Lynch can get 40 acres and a whole lotta mules.” Wowzers.

The tweet has since been deleted and back-peddling measures have been taken, but in the age of the Internets, nothing gets removed for good. To be fair, the lottery winner’s name is Willie Lynch, the mythical godfather of the slave trade, and the opportunity for the joke was wider than Canal Street in New York. But sometimes letting the easy ones slide is the best plan of action.

Peep the offending tweet and apology on the flip. Do you think the AJC were intentionally trying to be racist or was it a bad joke gone boo-boo? Speak your piece in the comment section, people.

[Via Poynter]

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