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They say hindsight is always 20/20 and it appears Juror B29, one of the responsible members for George Zimmerman’s “not guilty” verdict for the killing of Trayvon Martin, is having second thoughts.

Speaking to TMZ on the condition of semi-anonymity–she wished to be referred as Maddy–the juror voiced her opinion in light of Zimmerman’s recent shenanigans with the law.

She always had a bad feeling about Zimmerman, despite finding him not guilty of murdering Trayvon … a verdict she begrudgingly reached through a strict interpretation of the law.

Now, she says Zimmerman’s domestic violence arrest is proof he’s not freedom-worthy … “God is showing George’s true side … [George] is continuing to dig himself a bigger grave.”

The juror believes Zimmerman will continue to commit violent acts until someone lays down the law … telling us, “He NEEDS to do some type of time … He thinks he is invincible.”

Her feelings mirror that of most Americans who couldn’t believe George Zimmerman reckless found himself arrested for domestic violence charges on Monday.

It’s also not the first time one of the jurors from the highly publicized Trayvon Martin trial revealed conflicting opinions to the media. Not long after the verdict, Juror B37 spoke to CNN and couldn’t give a clear reasoning as to why Zimmerman deserved to be a free man.

A timeline of Zimmerman’s actions after the verdict suggest that his “invincible” image is indeed present and starting to wear thin.

The stand-your-ground law is legal in Florida. Likewise for double jeopardy. The harsh reality is George Zimmerman will never go to the prison for murdering Trayvon Martin.

Photo: MyFoxOrlando