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Although acceptance for interracial dating is at an all-time high, the notion of the swirl still draws ire from various gene pools. Enter Nate Hill, who set out to make a statement in an unusual way.

Whether it’s a testament or trolling fame he’s after, his Trophy Scarves idea is sure to raise a few eyebrows among other things. (Sorry, it was there for the taking.)

To symbolize the perceived status quo that involves a Black man dating a woman, Hill’s Trophy Scarves are simply naked white woman draped around his neck.

If you’re not convinced that this is a mega publicity stunt, the fact that he makes house visits shouldn’t do anything to sway your opinion.

VICE caught up with the Brooklyn resident and grilled him with a few questions.

What’s “Trophy Scarves” about?

Well, there are people who see certain races as status symbols, and someone had to comment on that.

Is this a similar tone to what you were doing with “White Power Milk”?

Yeah. With “White Power Milk,” I just wanted to talk about how people see white women as a status symbol. With “Trophy Scarves,” I wanted to find another way to come at that. I guess it’s the same kind of satirical, tongue-in-cheek approach that I like to take with things. I like to talk about something serious but do it in a lighter, kind of a goofy way.

The aforementioned “White Power Milk” is evidence that Hill’s thought process has always been off-the-cuff. For $100, fans of the avant-garde occult can obtain milk gargled by various white women.

Holy cow.

At your own risk, proceed on to the gallery to see snapshots of Nate Hill and his Trophy Scarves images. Truly NSFW pictures can be found at

[Props to Vice & Elite Daily]

Photo: Trophy Scarves, Instagram

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