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Somebody needs to tell Huck that the term “Y.O.L.O.” doesn’t give you a pass to commit human torture. But then again, Quinn had it coming. On last night’s (Dec. 5) episode of Scandal titled “Y.O.L.O.” (no, really), the Pope Team linked up to help bust Olivia’s mom up out of her mental and physical prison. Maya Pope is nothin’ to f*ck with, because she’s  a nut case, who ate through her own wrists just to get some alone time.

Liv informed her click that Mama Pope wasn’t really killed in that fake plane crash 20 years ago, and once the shock subsided they got down to business. The plan? Send Mama P to Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, Huck pulled a double shift working on Liv’s mom’s situation, and ripping Quinn’s teeth out with pliers one at a time. Dude it the ultimate multi-tasker. You’d think Quinn learned her lesson about trying to be down with the B 316 squad, and betraying Huck, but she’s not ready to throw in the towel just yet.

Also, she dropped her towel last night… for a toothless sex session.

This woman has no chill.

Photos: ABC

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