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The law cites the legal definition of trespassing as “wrongful interference with one’s possessory rights in [real] property.” A Black man in Florida was having the toughest time justifying his case to legally be at work.

Earl Sampson is employed by the Quickstop conveince store in Miami Gardens. He has question by local authorities 258 times in four years, searched more than 100 times and arrested 56 times, reports USA Today.

Owner Alex Saleh, 26, says he has been looking for answers for the period of more than a year in which he’s watched Sampson, other 207 Quickstop employees and customers stopped and frisked day after day by Miami Gardens police. Most of those stopped, including Sampson, are poor and black, Saleh says. Some have been stopped three times in the same day, Saleh told the Herald.

Sixty-two times, Miami Gardens police have arrested Sampson for trespassing at the 207 Quickstop — that’s the convenience store where he works as a clerk, the Herald reports.

We don’t need to be explicit to remind you that mixing racial profiling with the state of Florida can churn out deadly results.

Not to be bullied, Saleh and his lawyer are prepping a federal civil rights lawsuit to put a stop to the alleged racial profiling.

It should also be noted that Sampson isn’t exactly a model citizen. He has been arrested 56 times, with the highest charge being marijuana possession. According to USA Today the murder tally has doubled in recent years, partially explaining the police department’s edginess.

Even still, do they think they’re hunting Big Meech or Freeway Rick Ross? Check out the gallery to for pics and video of the cops engaging in shady surveillance with Sampson.


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