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Everything isn’t always what appears to be and that saying holds a lot of weight in the small town of Lunenburg, MA.

Last month there was an incident–now known as the Lunenburg Graffiti Incident–at the home of local high school football player Isaac Phillips which involved racial hate speech spray painted on his home. Police originally sought out the rival football team’s players as prime suspects but now, all probes have turned to Phillips’ mother, Andrea Brazier.

Brazier filed a police report after she discovered the words “Knights don’t need N****r” blasted across the house–a reference to her son’s football team. After there was no conclusive evidence that incriminated any football player, games were cancelled and the cops were left looking for a new culprit.

A search warrant was issued and police uncovered two aerosol spray cans in the family’s home fireplace. Her husband, Anthony Philips changed his story a couple of times originally stating that they were used for their home renovations only to switch up later and say he used them on work for another house.

According to a FBI agent monitoring the case, Brazier asked the case to come to an end because she admitted to doing the dirty work.

Via: CBS Boston

Brazier, who is white, and her husband Anthony Phillips, who is African-American live at the home with their 13-year-old son, Isaac. Brazier initially cast suspicion on her son’s Lunenburg High School football teammates, saying he had been bullied in the past.

Initially she told officers that her 6-year-old daughter heard someone outside of her window and saw someone wearing a feather head dress on either November 14 or 15. She later said that alleged incident occurred on November 4.

During an interview with police and an FBI agent, she told them that she wanted the investigation to be over and wanted the media to go away. When the FBI agent suggested to Brazier that she wanted the investigation to end because she had painted the graffiti, she allegedly responded by saying “okay” and that police did not understand. She then denied that her husband or son had any involvement in the incident.

At this point, no charges have been filed.

The details are ripe with struggle. Makes one wonder if her husband identifies himself as African-American.

Check out the pictures in the gallery to see the incident brought to life.

Photo: Boston Globe, WCVB, CBS

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