Drake – “We’ll Be Fine” [VIDEO] (Previously Unreleased)

Okay, here’s what had happened. Earlier this year, French filmmaker Mikael Colombu released a trailer to his video for Drake’s “We’ll Be Fine,” which was promptly pulled. Here it is in full, but don’t expect to actually hear “We’ll Be Fine” while watching.

Apparently the video was deaded by the artist and director because it didn’t come together as planned. Also, it’s a safe bet the Toronto rapper’s label wasn’t trying to clear the audio for the song from Drake’s Take Care album when his new project, Nothing Was The Same, is currently in stores. So although the director has finally released the full version, the soundbed is “Don Carlo” be Verdi.

Surely someone will strip Verdi out and lay in Drake’s music. Make it happen, Internets.

[Spotted at 2 Dope Boyz]

Photo: YouTube